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Scott Damon started working with Gordon And Sons Well Drilling in 1975. Scott helped with the day to day drilling and pump operations for water wells. In 1981, Scott connected with Ms. Lorrainne Patterson, of Adrian, and contributed to helping Ms. Patterson develop the Patterson Iron Remover.

In 1983, Scott started Ironfree & Softwater Systems selling Patterson Iron Removers and Trusoft Softeners. Then in 1998, technology was rapidly changing and improving, and Scott began selling the WaterRight Sanitizer Softener. Finally, in 2000, Scott switched completely over to selling all products of WaterRight, Incorporated.


We carry products that specialize in: removing iron, tannins, sulfur odor, arsenic, and hardwater, that comes from a private well or municipal supply.

Our units are manufactured in Appleton, Wisconsin by WaterRight, Incorporated. We sell residential and commercial equipment. Be sure to check out our Products Page for a more detailed listing complete with product literature, data sheets and manuals.