Our Products

We carry products that specialize in: removing iron, tannins, sulfur odor, arsenic, and hardwater, that comes from a private well or municipal supply.

Our units are manufactured in Appleton, Wisconsin by WaterRight, Incorporated. We sell residential and commercial equipment.

Products and Services we offer are:

  FREE Water Analysis
  5 Gallon Water Bottles
  MTN – Water Coolers (available in black and white)
  #40 Pro’s Pick Solar Salt
  #40 Dura Cube Regular Salt
  #40 Dura Cube Red-Out Salt
  “Pro” Water Treatment Products
  Filters, Wrenches
  Insulated Water Tank Jackets to prevent tanks from sweating

We also offer rental Iron Removers and rental Softeners.

Salt and Bottled Water delivery available.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Cash and Check.